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Take This One Step to Stop Child Abuse and Neglect

Sisters, “Every five hours a child dies from abuse or neglect in the U.S.” (BBC, 2011) I realize that there are probably a lot of things on your minds—work, school, family, kids, your health, pets, car repairs, etc. But I beg you to pause for just a moment and digest the fact that every five […]

Tips on Managing Student Loans

Sisters, With the cost of college continuing to increase and most young adults unable to pay for it without loans, most parents will be required to cosign student loans. In fact, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Americans now owe more on their student loans ($867 billion) than they do on car […]

Surviving Summer With Your College Student

Sisters, I am the proud parent of a 21-year old son. He is a great kid—kind, smart, funny, compassionate, and generous. But at this very moment this great kid is testing my nerves! See he has been home for a week from college and for some odd reason he seems to have forgotten ALL the […]

One Way to Save (and Earn) Money on Digital Music

Sisters, I don’t know about all of you, but my iTunes habit is expensive. I hear an oldie but goodie on the radio and run to my iPad to download it. If I’m not careful I could easily download about $50 of music every week. Since I’m not rich, this almost $200/month habit could interfere […]

Young Adults Giving Advice to the White House

SparkAction, an online journalism and advocacy center by and for the child and youth field, is sponsoring the SparkOpportunity Challenge. The SparkOpportunity Challenge is another “crowd-sourcing” contest, this one designed to support the White House Council for Community Solutions’ work to engage youth and develop leadership opportunities for disconnected youth. The challenge offers young people […]

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