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Thank you for your interest in thesistersource.com! Our publications are enriched by the contributions of both experienced writers and new voices emerging in our community. Our goals for the Sister Source family of publications are to: engage, educate, and empower women of color to meet the challenges they face in today’s world. We appreciate your interest in contributing and encourage you to read the guidelines below very carefully before submitting a manuscript.

Queries: We invite you to send a query to info@thesistersource.com if you are unsure of our interest in your manuscript topic. A query should be no more than one-page and contain a detailed description and outline of your article. Please include an email address so we may contact you if we have any questions.

Fact Checking: Your article will be fact-checked before being published to verify any data and other facts mentioned. Please make sure that you cite the full source and use the data point(s) in their proper context. Authors that give incorrect data or carelessly use data will not be considered in the future.

Editorial Section Descriptions


  • Mother Wit – provides words of wisdom for readers that motivates and empowers them to make a change in their own lives.
  • Help for Sisters – provides information about programs, special offers and other resources to help make life changes.
  • Word Up – provides an opportunity for budding authors to submit short stories, poems, and other works of fiction.


  • Faith Works! – offers faith and spirituality-based information to support our readers.
  • Family Matters – provides parenting advice for all ages and stages.
  • Money Wise – shares with readers strategies to manage their resources and maximize their dollars.
  • Did You Know – offers important facts on important issues related to women of color.
  • Health Watch – offers advice to readers about taking charge of their health.


  • Wake Up – provides information on policy and advocacy issues that directly impact women of color.
  • Step to It – provides step-by-step advice on how to meet a goal.


At this time Sister Source Enterprises, LLC is not able to offer payment, but having your material reach thousands is a start to your success as a writer!

Format and Submission Instructions

Please send your manuscript in the following way:

  • Via e-mail to info@thesistersource.com with the piece as a .docx or .pdf attachment;
  •  Double spaced, 12 point font, 1” margins;
  • In the header please place the manuscript title, your name, and e-mail address; and phone number. In the footer please number the pages consecutively.

Submission Dates

For publication on The Sister Source.Com, please note that there are no firm submission dates. Your submission will be considered based on the content we receive and develop vis-à-vis the theme of the issue and our publication timeline. This means some materials may be published sooner than others. We will make every attempt to let know you of our decision within 2 days of receipt of materials.

Final Note

Please do not submit an article that you have already submitted elsewhere unless that source(s) returned your article notifying you of their intent NOT to publish the piece.

Still Have Questions

Please contact us at info@thesistersource.com.


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