Friday Facts: One Billion Rising for Justice

  Sisters, Today activists all around the world are leading events for ONE BILLION RISING FOR JUSTICE. The One Billion Rising campaign aims to bring to light the unacceptable and horrible UN statistic that 1 in 3 women on the planet will be beaten or raped during her lifetime. With the world population at 7 […]

Friday Facts: Go RED for Heart Health Today!

    Sisters, Join Sister Source in acknowledging today, the first Friday in February, as Go Red for Women Day! It is on this day that we pause to remember that heart disease is still the number killer of women. And Sisters, we are twice as likely as white women to have heart disease. This […]

Friday Facts: Health Care Costs STILL Leading Reason for Bankruptcy

Sisters, Health care bills are still the main reason that people file for bankruptcy in the United States. I find it incredibly sad that so many Americans are forced to ransom their financial health to cover bills to preserve their physical health. In this week’s State of Union Speech President Obama reminded Congress and all […]

Friday Facts: Members of Congress Are the 1%

Sisters, Remember the “We Are the 99%” Occupy Movement? Ever wonder who is in the 1%? Well, according to some new data, it appears Members of Congress are in the 1%. As I gathered information for this post, the lyrics of the old song titled “Walk a Mile in My Shoes” kept popping in my […]

Friday Facts: Too Many Potential Unregistered Voters

  Sisters, Did you know that there are 56,803,691 eligible, but unregistered potential voters?! There are 1,500 elections happening throughout the country this fall. The time is now to prepare yourself to take part in this important part of OUR democracy! The deadlines to register to vote in this coming November’s elections are happening NOW! […]

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