A Healthy Lifestyle Can’t be Boring, Busted, or Miserable

Sisters, You’ve seen it on the Dr. Oz Show.  You’ve read it in some health magazine. You’ve seen it thrown around year after year like a rag doll.  Let’s just stop the nonsense.  Are these instructions to get healthy a real lifestyle change that you can live with, or just a perpetual diet, based on […]

7 Ways to Take Back Your TV Controlled Life

Sisters, American adults watch 4.5 hours of TV on average every single day. That is 1,642 hours or about 70 days of your life each year. Sadly, we watch more TV in a day than we spend making love or exercising—two activities that have positive health benefits. That is absolutely crazy. TV has no redeeming […]

Join Girltrek’s Harriet Tubman Walking Challenge

Sisters, On March 10, 1913, almost 100 years ago, Harriet Tubman passed away at the age of 93. In remembrance of the impact Harriet made on African-American life and history, Sister Source is pleased to join GirlTrek’s 2013 walking campaign. The GirlTrek 2013 campaign will be a grand celebration of Harriet’s life! On Sunday, March […]

Sherry Burton Ways Virtual Book Tour Day 12

Sisters, I am happy to introduce Sherry Burton Ways! Sherry is the author of a brand new book: “Feel Good Spaces A Guide To Decorating Your Home For Body, Mind, & Spirit. From February 1st – February 12th, Sherry has been visiting 12 blogs on her virtual book tour. Even if you missed part of […]

World AIDS Day 2012: Prevention is STILL Critical!

Sisters, Tomorrow is World AIDS Day! On December 1st of every year we pause to honor those who have died and to raise our voice in support of those living with HIV/AIDS. This year we must also remember how important it is to protect ourselves and prevent exposure to HIV. Did you know these facts […]

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