Mobilize Monday: Black History Month 2014

Sisters, As you know February is Black History Month. I hope you will join me in embracing Black History Month as a time when we take a deeper look into the vast and important contributions made by African-Americans in the world—not just here in the United States. I also hope you don’t wait for the […]

Mobilize Monday: Stop and Frisk Gone Terribly Wrong

Sisters, New York and Philadelphia are two prominent US cities that have stop and frisk policies. To review, stop and frisk basically gives the police the authority to stop anyone and search them. I could state the obvious and give you data that says people of color, especially young African-American males, are stopped and frisked […]

Mobilize Monday: Service is a Year Round Responsibility!

    Sisters, Today as we celebrate the birth of Martin Luther King, Jr. I ask that we think of service as a year-round responsibility. I am certain we all acknowledge and respect Dr. King’s commitment to expanding opportunity for all Americans. Dr. King’s vision of harnessing the power of volunteering and service to transform […]

Mobilize Monday: Congress Pass a Budget Now!

Sisters, Today is November 18th and we are about 6 weeks into a new Federal government budget year and we don’t have an official budget. Some of you may be wondering how that can be. Well, the Congress hasn’t passed a budget for several years now. Not a real budget. What we’ve had is a […]

Mobilize Monday: Tell the National Football League to Pay Its Fair Share in Taxes

  Sisters, Did you know that the National Football League is a tax exempt organization and does not pay taxes on its earnings? I recently saw a request to sign a petition urging the National Football League (NFL) to give up its nonprofit tax exempt status and pay federal and state taxes on its earnings. […]

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