McDonald’s Pay Workers Fairly-Not With ‘Rigged’ Debit Cards

Sisters, Today I got an email alerting me to a petition by a former McDonald’s employee who was paid her heard-earned wages on a debit card. Really. Apparently, the PA couple that owns a chain of McDonald’s restaurants has stopped this ridiculous practice and is now paying their staff via check or direct deposit. Even […]

Don’t Let Student Loan Interest Rates Double!

Sisters, Did you know that unless Congress acts student loan interest rates could double? This means that on average, students would owe an additional $1,000 in interest on student loan debt. I don’t know many college graduates who can afford an additional $1,000 for anything—especially student loan debt. But one really smart Senator is trying […]

FREE Income Tax Preparation is Available!

Sisters, Now is the time to get your free income tax preparation help! April 15th is the deadline to file your 2012 tax return with the Internal Revenue Service. I would hate for any Sister to end up like some famous movie stars in the ‘big house’ because of tax problems. Take advantage of FREE […]

Friday Facts: 2012 Christmas Spending Expected to Rise

Sisters, Some folks are already feeling generous and planning to spend a lot of money this Christmas. In fact, according to MyFamilyFinances.Net, the average family will spend nearly $750 on Christmas gifts this year. Apparently, many Americans are feeling as if the economy is taking a turn for the better and think that lower unemployment […]

Friday Facts: Join Advocacy Effort to Stop Foreclosures

Sisters, Today’s Friday Facts is about an advocacy effort to stop foreclosures. I’m sure there are other advocacy efforts underway (if you know of any send them to me in the comments section), but the one I’m featuring today is called Home is Where the Vote Is. I saw the Home is Where the Vote […]

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