Tune in TONIGHT for MAKERS: Women Who Make America

Sisters, Tonight on your local PBS station be sure to watch MAKERS: Women Who Make America – The Documentary. As you know March is Women’s History Month and PBS is getting an early start by airing this important documentary tonight, February 26th at 8PM (check local listings here).  Please watch the trailer and read more […]

Today, Let the Healing Begin…

Sisters, Today many of us are still reeling from the horrors that happened last week at Sandy Hook Elementary School. It is time to let the healing begin. So many young lives snuffed out by a troubled young man. On today I share a quote from a man much acquainted with grief, Dr. Martin Luther […]

Sunday, September 16th Pinterest Fun

Sisters, Today’s Pinterest fun focuses on only three inspirational quotes. Some time ago I heard a psychologist say that our brains think, “One, two, three, too many,” hence my focus on three things. Check out the inspirational quotes below and on my Pinterest Board tell me what you think. Do they apply to anything you’re dealing with […]

Sunday August 19, 2012 Pinterest Fun

Sisters, Today I am TIRED. I was awake almost all night last night. Between menopause-induced insomnia, my son getting ready to begin his senior year in college, a crazy travel schedule at work, and simply more tasks on my to do list than there are hours and human capacity in a day, I am exhausted. […]

Sunday Pinterest Fun – July 15, 2012

Sisters, In earlier Sunday Pinterest posts I’ve brought you images of products that I thought were cool and could make our lives easier and decorating tips to share what got my creative juices flowing. Today’s Sunday Pinterest Fun will be a departure from those earlier posts. Instead of stuff to buy, these pinterest pins are […]

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