Sisters Read! BLESSINGS & MIRACLES A Memoir of a Teen Mom Turned Millionaire by Shashicka Tyre-Hill

Sisters, Take a look at the NEW book by Shashicka Tyre-Hill! Success can have many definitions, but ask the people who have obtained it and they will say, “I never gave up.” In BLESSINGS & MIRACLES (June 2013; ISBN: 978-0-9893682-0-9; $15.00) A MEMOIR, Shashicka Tyre-Hill shares how life didn’t begin in the best of circumstances. […]

Sisters Read! Miss Nobody by Nicole Dunlap

Deception, greed, and fame dismantle their lives~ Charlene and Raven, mother and daughter, are woven together by blood, but separated and haunted by circumstance: personal struggles, concealed demons and uncovered skeletons. Fifteen-year-old Charlene Shaw is frustrated with life. She embodies every young woman’s starry-eyed dreams and heads for Hollywood. On her rugged road to fame, […]

Storyteller’s June 2013 Book Selection

Sisters, The Storyteller’s June 2013 Book Selection is The Interruption of Everythingby Terry McMillan.   Amazon.Com Editorial Review Terry McMillan’s sixth novel, The Interruption of Everything, is every bit as enthralling and empowering as her earlier hits Waiting to Exhale and A Day Late and a Dollar Short. However, as McMillan matures as an author, […]

Storyteller’s February 2013 Book Selection

  Sisters, The February 2013 Storyteller’s Book Club selection is You can learn more about the author Paula L. Woods and see what she is reading here.  Book Synopsis from Amazon.Com Meet Detective Charlotte Justice, a black woman in the very white, very male, and sometimes very racist LAPD. The time is 48 hours into the […]

Storyteller’s November 2012 Book Selection

Sisters, The Storyteller’s Book Club November 2012 Book Selection is Murder Was the Case by Kiki Swinson! “If you thought Notorious was off the chain, wait ‘til you join Yoshi Lomax on her next thrilling case! The criminal lawyer has the brain of a genius and the body of a supermodel, and she uses both […]

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