Tell Congress: End the Shutdown – Stop the Meltdown

  Sisters, This is an Urgent Call for Your Help from our colleagues at Coalition for Human Needs. The federal government has been partly shut for more than a week. Federal workers are prevented from doing their jobs. People are not getting services: Head Start, youth programs, mental health, emergency food… Inspections of food imports […]

The House (of Representatives) that Hate Built

Sisters, I woke up yesterday morning disappointed, but not surprised that the House of Representatives failed to pass an appropriations bill that keeps our government running and retains the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare). The House of Representatives is showing us just how toxic, damaging, reckless, paralyzing, dangerous, and villainous an emotion HATE can be. […]

Links to Petitions for Justice for Trayvon

Sisters, Below are several links to petitions started to bring justice to the murder of Trayvon Benjamin Martin. Please take just a moment to pass this post along to everyone you know! We need to take concerted action in the days immediately following the verdict. Make your voices heard—today! NAACP on MoveOn.Org – Justice Department: Open […]

Being Black in America: A Tribute to Trayvon

  Sisters, Just when you thought it couldn’t get any harder to be Black in America, six women in Florida made it hard for a young Black man to walk down the street. I write today as a tribute to Trayvon Martin. I share many of the concerns posted by many of you on Facebook […]

Vote to Preserve the Carter G. Woodson Home

Sisters, Dr. Carter G. Woodson was a critical figure in Black History. He is credited with being the “Father of Black History Month.” He was also an incredible writer and historian. If you have not read his seminal work, The Mis-Education of the Negro–commit to reading it–and soon! Dr. Woodson lived in Washington, DC in […]

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