Don’t Let Evil Visit Newtown Again!

Love and hate.


“Evil visited this community today, and it is too early to speak of recovery, but each parent, each sibling, each member of the family has to understand that Connecticut, we are all in this together, we will do whatever we can to overcome this event, we will get through it,” is how Connecticut Governor Dan Malloy urged the people of his state to come together during a press conference regarding the deadly shooting in Newtown. My heart is aching for the families as they make plans to bury their loved ones much too soon!

But Sisters it appears that evil will visit Newtown again—and soon! The Westboro “Church” (yes I meant to use quotes) is apparently planning to protest at the funerals of the Sandy Hook Elementary School victims. I cannot tell you how much this planned action DISGUSTS me. How the Westboro “Church” claims that God is telling them to be so cruel is beyond me!





The God of my understanding is kind and peaceful and requires those of us who believe in Him to be the same. There are too many Bible passages that tell us to be kind, loving, gentle, forgiving, longsuffering, and patient with one another. The Bible also tells us not to judge each other. So, I am going to try here to do as the Bible says and not judge them; however, I can REJECT the sinful, hateful acts they are planning.

I have signed a Change.Org petition imploring the Connecticut legislature to pass immediate legislation to make it illegal to demonstrate at the funerals of the Sandy Hook fallen and others (the Westboro “Church” frequently shows up at funerals of fallen soldiers). Won’t you join me and take the time to sign the petition and stop this hate-filled group from succeeding in making an already tragic situation even worse? The families NEED us to take a stand on their behalf!

From Change.Org

Connecticut Legislature: Please write and pass a bill that deters demonstrations at funerals.

On December 14th 26 families experienced a tragedy no one should ever have to. Then, less than 48 hours later, Westboro Baptist Church has announced they plan to come to Newtown to protest the funerals of the victims, 20 of whom are between 5-7 years old. For families and an entire community who is mourning it is not right to allow more suffering on top of their pain. Please pass a bill to make their protests difficult or impossible. Arizona did this in 2011, after the Tucson shooting, so there is a precedent.



Connecticut Legislature

Write and pass a bill that deters demonstrations at funerals.


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“Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.” ― Martin Luther King Jr., A Testament of Hope: The Essential Writings and Speeches

Sister Stephanie


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