Put Yourself (and Your Health) First


On a daily basis too many of us don’t practice what we preach. We tell our family, loved ones and friends that it is important to get enough rest, go to the doctor, and eat healthy. Yet most of us probably eat on the run, don’t get enough rest, and put our needs and health at the bottom of a very long to do list.

Well, today I invite you to reconsider this ‘wrongheaded’ way of living and put yourself and your health first. A newly released book, Health First!: The Black Woman’s Wellness Guide provides advice on how to address our health needs—head on!

“Health First explores Black women’s most critical health challenges, connecting the dots through honest discussions with experts and the uncensored stories of real women—from adolescence through adulthood. The focus is on prevention and awareness, across generations and circumstances—from candid conversations about reproductive health and HIV/AIDS to frank explorations of Black women’s Top 10 Health Risks, including heart disease, cancer, obesity, and violence.”  from book website

Take an important first step and order this book to learn how to put yourself and your health first!

Sister Stephanie


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