A Healthy Lifestyle Can’t be Boring, Busted, or Miserable



You’ve seen it on the Dr. Oz Show.  You’ve read it in some health magazine. You’ve seen it thrown around year after year like a rag doll.  Let’s just stop the nonsense.  Are these instructions to get healthy a real lifestyle change that you can live with, or just a perpetual diet, based on the premise that you’d rather be miserable than overweight?

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Like the woman I know who works at the weight loss clinic I used to go to, who only eats 10 foods, all low carb fruits and vegetables all week long only to “treat” herself with pancakes on the weekends?  She’s shaped like a skeleton and rarely smiles.  Or like that gung-ho gym guy who told me that if I wanted to slim down and maintain it I’d never be able to eat another cookie again for the rest of my life! The REST OF MY LIFE!? I was only in my 20s then (and I LOVE cookies).

Lifestyle change is perpetual, ongoing, forever.  But it’s not a diet! Lifestyle change, could be just about anything, good or bad. But in the context of LifeBliss Solutions, the whole point is making fundamental changes in the way you do things so that they support, not sabotage your efforts at being healthy and happy. Did you see that last word? HAPPY. This means that the changes must be highly personalized, since no two people are exactly alike, and the one-diet or exercise-fits-all approach is pretty useless.

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Like, what if you hate everything about a gym? You could do something like what I did, pretend you’re running away with Cirque du Soleil and take classes at the local trapeze school.

What if you are not trying to give up pizza? You could find ways to make homemade pizza that is better for you, and because you love cheese you may not eat it every single week but you could still enjoy it.

Mother and daughter in produce sectionFor example, take Marita.  She’s a single suburban mom with 3 children.  She’s also a busy professional with a lengthy commute and thinks she doesn’t have enough time to prepare nutritious meals that her children will eat for dinner on weeknights.  She ended up going through a fast food drive thru twice a week, which was sabotaging her efforts at maintaining a healthy weight because she was eating junky food too late in the evening.  To solve the problem she began doing basic food prep for dinners on the weekend and mid-week, and packing larger lunches and making dinner the lightest meal of the day.  She also incorporated some raw dishes to cut down on prep time and her children loved it, especially because they got to help make the meals.  With her lifestyle change, she was able to drop that 15 lbs of fat and she kept it off.  As the children got older, things got even easier.  She made a few more practical changes but NO DIET, NO CONTRIVED WORKOUTS.


In order to make effective lifestyle changes, you have to first identify in your current lifestyle what isn’t working.  It may be a little bit daunting, but it has to be done. Then, you have to keep a wide open mind for solutions.  Abandon the idea that whatever is good for you must be boring, taste bad, or stink. The key element of lifestyle change is to be honest about what changes you are able and willing to cope with for the rest of your life, that won’t make you miserable (and will make you happy!) in the process.

LifeBliss Lisa, Sensual Lifestyle Goddess

LifeBliss Lisa, Sensual Lifestyle Goddess is on a mission to help black women learn to luxuriate in wellness–live like Goddesses of health, beauty, confidence and abundance by rejecting myths, stereotypes and lies and embracing individual creativity and intuition to enjoy happy, healthy, delicious lives. Join Lisa in the Sensual Goddess movement on Twitter and Facebook.

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