#Blog4Biz Challenge: Day 6

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I recently started a new job and when someone asked me how it was going, I replied that I was busier than a one-armed wallpaper installer. I’d love to hear what image this brought to your minds!


The #Blog4Biz Day 6 Challenge asks, “If money were no option, I would hire…”

This was a really hard question to ponder! On the one hand it would be GREAT to have a writer/editor to take rough drafts of my posts and clean them up and make them blog ready. But then I think it would be better to have a research assistant to do the research and find facts and links I need to compile my posts. And of course having someone to take care of my house (e.g., cooking, cleaning and being there for the plumber) would save so much time I could blog into the wee hours of the night and not feel guilty for letting my house fall below my normal standards of clean (chuckle here because a few of my good girlfriends would roll their eyes and say that my standards are a bit too high thank you very much). Can I cheat and say I would hire me? small research assistant

In all seriousness, I would hire a research assistant. It is so important to me to get the facts right that I think the best use of resources would be for someone to make sure I ‘get it right’ all the time. This person could help me with SEO and make sure that my posts get better exposure in the blogosphere and maybe get picked up by some of the more popular blogs. My research assistant would have a natural curiosity and want to hunt down the details. He/she would see one data point, and like me, start thinking, I wonder if…someone has figured out how this impacts African-Americans? Or maybe wonder if there is a source more recent than the one that captured my attention in the first place? Basically, a mini-me.

Credit: http://adulteducationmatters.blogspot.com/2013/05/just-facts-maam-lao-report-on-revise.html

Credit: http://adulteducationmatters.blogspot.com/2013/05/just-facts-maam-lao-report-on-revise.html

I went back to school to get my doctorate because I wanted to know how to interpret journal articles in a much deeper way. Sure, I learned a lot while working on my master’s degree. But the doctoral program prepared me (in a much deeper way) to make sense of the research process and helped me translate research findings to others. I want to help Sisters (and Brothers) understand research and other facts that tell the real story of how we are faring in today’s world. A research assistant could go a LONG way in helping me to achieve this goal.

Anyone know anyone willing to work for cheap?? Just kidding, my blog budget won’t even allow me to take on any staff, but with time, who knows, maybe I’ll be able to hire a whole team of people!

Sister Stephanie


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  1. I would hire all of those you mentioned…
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