#Blog4Biz Challenge: Day 7


When I started Sister Source I had no idea how much it would really cost to run a blog. I told myself that I waste a bunch of money on clothes and eating out, why not put some into a useful enterprise? Little did I know that I would be spending more on my blog than any other ‘hobby.’

Today’s #Blog4Biz Challenge asks, “Excluding people, what is your next big purchase?”

According to Executionists.Com’s Daniella Azencot in her post, The Cost of Running a Successful Blog, a good business blog could cost upwards of $20,000 a month to maintain! She must have known that bloggers like me would read that and immediately give it up, because later in the post, she says for most folks, “…you should certainly plan to set aside $1,000 – $2,500 a month to stay in the game.” I’m still shaking at the thought of spending this much every month on what is right now a hobby! But thanks to today’s #Blog4Biz challenge I’ve started thinking about just how to maximize the investment I’m making on my blogging hobby.

There are several key things needed to start (and maintain) a blog.

  • Fast computer with high-speed internet access. Check! (Verizon Fios)
  • Domain name registration. Check! (I used GoDaddy, but CheapNames is just as good)
  • Blogging software. Check! (I use WordPress)
  • Hosting subscription. Check! (GoDaddy wins again)
  • Theme. Check! (I bought a theme from StudioPress, but recently fell in love with a few on ThemeForest—thanks for the heads up Jasmine Powers)
  • Images. Check! (I use iclipart for royalty free clip art, photos, and other tools)

To ‘keep the Sister Source party going’ my next ‘big’ purchase is going to be graphic design consultation to customize the theme I purchased. I say ‘big’ because it will be the first time I’ve paid for graphic design services. I always thought I’d postpone this cost until I won the lottery and could pay for my blog or when (by some miracle) I was generating revenue from the blog. But sadly, neither is true. But, I think it is time to make the investment.

Broken piggy bank or money box with coins isolated on white


It would be great if I could barter and trade some of my expertise (budgeting and financial management—I could help set up a budgets and billing system for a designer and manage their books for a period of time) to help me get a customized site. But, if I can’t find someone willing to barter, I’m planning to spend about $500 to do what I want/need, but I am seriously hoping I can spend less. Wish me luck and if you know of anyone that wants to barter, hook a Sister up!



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