#Blog4Biz Challenge: Day 8

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I have been so busy I’ve fallen behind on my #Blog4Biz Challenge writing prompts. Thankfully Shai Cooper is an understanding leader and has encouraged me to take the break I needed. I’ve put in more hours on my ‘paid’ gig the past few days than I care to admit, but here goes, back in the #Blog4Biz Challenge!

Today’s challenge is “The Highs and Lows of Office Supplies (Photo Challenge)”

I have a confession to make-I love office supply stores. I am a total neat freak when it comes to my work space and I love finding neat things to help organize my desk and my work life. The left side of the desk in the image above would WORK. MY. NERVES.

An organized desk is a sign of a sick mind, is a quote I’ve seen on Pinterest and other places. I completely and vehemently reject this notion. An organized desk is the sign of an organized mind is more like it! I like office supplies that help me to keep the things I need in easy to spot and reach places.

For example, one of my favorite office supplies are small post-it notes. I try to end every day by numbering the first 5 things I need to do when I get into the office the next day. These little gems help me to remember what is important and take things in priority order. It’s hard to get off track with those big numbers staring at you first thing in the morning!

Credit: http://www.post-it.com

Credit: http://www.post-it.com


Another really useful thing for me is notebooks. I’ve  kept notebooks for as long as I can remember. Lately, I’ve been using really cool notebooks from a company called Miquelrius. I love the cool styles and my most recent notebook is shown below. What’s not to love—hearts and in fuchsia-my favorite color. Check out their website and the other cool designs. Too bad they don’t have an affinity program; I’d find a way to get paid for buying the products I love from them!


Credit: http://www.shopmiquelrius.com/catalog/heart%20pieces.jpg

Credit: http://www.shopmiquelrius.com/catalog/heart%20pieces.jpg


Finally, I’d be lost without my cheap pens. My former staff chuckled at my love of the cheap ball point pen! I like Bic pens and I’m not ashamed to say it. They cost a whopping $3.50 per dozen and a box of 12 lasts a long time. I’ve had Mont Blanc pens and other fancy writing instruments, but I keep coming back to my Bic pens. Maybe I should buy some of their stock!

Credit: http://www.staples.com/BIC-Cristal-Ballpoint-Stick-Pens-Medium-Blue-Dozen/product_123836

Credit: http://www.staples.com/BIC-Cristal-Ballpoint-Stick-Pens-Medium-Blue-Dozen/product_123836


I will stop here before anyone starting to judge me for my love of office supplies rolls their eyes anymore at my expense. Let he who doesn’t love something that others might find ‘weird’ throw the first stone-LOL!



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