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Dear Sister Source Readers,

I have been busier than a one-armed wall paper installer with my ‘paid job’ and other personal issues. But I wanted to drop you all a line and let you know that I will be back soon!

I have plans to demystify the whole Obamacare program so you can help me spread the word about why health care reform was so important and how it will help grow the economy and improve health care.

I want to explore youth violence prevention and dig deeper into the problem impacting so many Black communities. I want to know why there isn’t a national protest underway to ask why every day 14 young Black men are gunned down and no one seems to care.

I want to start a dialogue about unemployment and what can and should be done about it.

Finally, I want to create a movement–driven by Sisters–to ensure that all elected officials know that we stand together and expect them to represent our interests at all levels of government.

Does this sound interesting? So, I ask for your patience as I move my home and re-group. Thank you!

Sister Stephanie

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