Mobilize Monday: Military Rape is STILL Rape


Military rape is still rape. Today I watched in horror a news story of an Air Force training officer accused of rape, aggravated sexual contact and multiple counts of aggravated sexual assault. At one point during the news story I felt like the reporter was making a distinction between rape and sexual victimization of women in the military and those not in the military. Military rape is still rape.

According to the Military Rape Crisis Center, every four hours a sexual assault or rape is reported in the United States Armed Forces.

Apparently for years all branches of the military have tried to minimize the severity of the problem. The website My Duty to Speak states that, “According to experts from the Department of Defense, the Military Rape Crisis Center and the Department of Veterans Affairs many more rape cases go unreported or are under reported.” If this is true, the Department of Defense is failing the courageous women that volunteer to serve in the military.

Most cases of military rape are tried military courts. Unfortunately, the military fails to elevate most cases of rape and sexual victimization to the prosecution level. In fact, CNN cites a Defense Department study revealing only 8% of sexual assailants are referred to military court, compared with 40% of similar offenders prosecuted in the civilian court system.

Military rape is still rape and women serving in the military deserve better. Please watch the video below where Nicole McCoy, veteran and victim of military rape, calls for Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta to create a military sex offenders registry. Creating such a registry would offer some measure of protection for the women in the military by helping them to identify sexual predators in the military.


Sign the petition and show your support for women in the military because military rape is still rape.

Sister Stephanie

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