What does it take to achieve your dreams?

Dreams are what keep people moving forward in life. Dreams of a better paying job keep students in college, dreams of a healthier (or sexier) you, keep you on a fitness program. Dreams of a great marriage and the family that goes with it is what allows us to put faith before logic and get married and have babies. Without dreams we don’t have goals, and without goals we’re simply stuck in a rut with nowhere to go.

To have dreams that you can achieve you must:

  1. Have Self Confidence — You must believe in yourself, that if you try hard enough, you can reach any realistic dream or goal that you have. If your dreams are achievable, there is no reason in the world why you can’t succeed. You can have dreams of a successful business, a successful marriage, a new home, a new car, better health, weight loss, etc. None of those are impossible if you believe in yourself enough.
  2. Create Realistic Steps — Once you’ve had the dream, and created the goal, now it’s time to create actionable steps toward realizing your dreams. The steps have to be specific, measurable, and realistic to work. Don’t say you’re going to run 20 miles a day when you’ve never even walked a mile a day. Start small to see big results.
  3. See the Success — By creating smaller steps toward what might seem an out-of-reach dream you’ll be able to see the success each step of the way. In addition, by creating a vision board using Pinterest or an old-fashioned bulletin board and thumbtacks you can actually see the reality of the dream every single day.
  4. Stay Positive — It can be difficult at times when you backslide and get off course but it’s important to focus on the positive instead of the failures. Many people have had numerous failures in their life before reaching success. The main difference is that successful people see failure as a learning experience and one step closer to success.
  5. Keep on Keeping on — When something happens that didn’t go as expected it can be frustrating but people who succeed and reach their dreams keep on going. They never give up. If one thing doesn’t work, they get up, dust themselves off and try something new.  After reassessing the best way to achieve the goal, they keep on going.


Communicator. Coach. Builder of people. Allegra M. Sinclair helps women identify and remove any barriers to them being as powerful as they are meant to be. She does this through coaching and a relentless focus on how fabulous women are.  Now, you can grab her Confidence Mastery for Women ecourse to become an unstoppable force at work and at home. Get the Confidence Mastery for Women e-course at http://yourpurposewithin.com/.


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  1. Hey Stephanie,
    Thanks so much for sharing my thoughts! I have always been impressed by children’s ability to dream BIG, audacious goals. Somewhere along the way we lose that. I hope these steps help us re-connect with that. Have a powerful week! Allegra
    Allegra recently posted..Can low self-esteem threaten women’s health?My Profile

    • Sister Stephanie says:


      Too bad we often lose the resilience and optimism we had as children! Your blog offers great advice to help women re-discover some of what we’ve lost. Keep up the good work!


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