Sunday, June 9, 2013 Pinterest Fun


Today’s Pinterest Fun post is a challenge to all of you to recall the good in your life. I challenge all of you to think only of the good of the past 24 hours and dwell on just how fortunate you are. I know some of you may have suffered a crushing loss in the past 24 hours. But you are still here! Some of you may have had your heart broken. But you are still here! Some of you may be ill or have just received some not so good health-related news. But you are still here! Some of you may be grieving. But you are still here! Some of you, like me, may be hurting because your child is hurting. But guess what—we are still here!

I chose on this day to reflect on the facts that matter. Yesterday I woke up. Today I woke up. I am just as capable today as I was yesterday. Capable to love, to heal, to mend, to laugh, to cry, to hug, to love.

Look at the Pin below and try to focus on the joys of yesterday and today.


Credit: PrintablePrints.Etsy.Com

Credit: PrintablePrints.Etsy.Com


Sister Stephanie


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